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Are you weary of constantly seeking acceptance, recognition, and love from others?

Do you yearn to feel that you are perfect just the way you are?

Or perhaps you are plagued by inner conflicts, resulting in relentless tension? Do you wonder how to finally achieve inner peace and harmony?

No matter what you are facing, through profound work with the IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy model, I will help you illuminate your inner light and restore harmony in your life.

It’s time for you to shine like the diamond you have always been.

Marta Bielicka

Did you know?

You have a light within you

Are you aware that you are not defined by the voices inside your head? You are not your experiences, your emotions, or your self-critical thoughts.

You are something far stronger, more powerful, and more beautiful. In your essence, you are light.

Like a diamond that shines its brightest after being polished, you too can heal to attain inner freedom, peace, and the courage to realize your deepest dreams and highest values.

I have assisted thousands in achieving this transformation. I can help you as well.

wholeness and harmony 

How do I work?

IFS sessions

Individual IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy sessions are a time for you to meet yourself. I accompany you and, when necessary, guide you on the path to your true self.


I lead transformative workshops introducing the IFS model, as well as sessions on emotion- and need-based communication inspired by Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Additionally, I offer expansive workshops on personal growth and development.


I orchestrate retreats where we, alongside other women, engage in deep listening to ourselves, uncover our inner worlds and inner light, and nurture each other with the potent synergy of group strength and feminine solidarity


How can I help you?

I'll guide you on a journey to uncover your Essence, your authentic Self. Join me in discovering your true identity and forging deeper bonds with yourself.

Together, we'll reshape the patterns currently causing you pain into ones that nurture and empower you.

We will embrace those parts you struggle with through deep and loving presence, revealing a path to release their burdens.


Together, at your own pace, we will uncover and heal the parts of you that require attention and acceptance. With gentleness, sensitivity, and warmth, we will relieve them of their limiting beliefs and the challenging emotions they are trapped in.

The aim is for you to finally feel what has always been within you: peace, connection, courage, and love. It's time for you to shine your light


I’m Marta Bielicka, a Certified IFS Practitioner, psychotraumatologist, international trainer, and the visionary behind „Self-space„, a sanctuary for therapy and personal growth.

My streghts resides in guiding individuals toward inner peace, harmony, and self-love – empowering them to pursue their boldest dreams.

I envision a world where each person can liberate themselves from childhood trauma and unhelpful beliefs. My goal is for everyone to uncover their strength and achieve their utmost potential.

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